Sorry, no upcoming shows planned at the moment. Check back later.




March 9th – RELEASESHOW ALBUM, Oefenbunker, Landgraaf (w/ Sugar Plum Fairy)

April 15th – De Bosuil, Weert, support for Trapper Schoeep

April 27th – Café Bluff, Heerlen

May 4th – Local Heroes, Volt, Sittard (w/ Walden & The Ten Bells)

May 12th – Pre Pinkpop Party Festival, Heerlen

May 26th – De Oefenbunker, Landgraaf, support for Transpunk

June 12th – Durango Sessions, Radio Benelux (BE)

June 14th – De Heilige Cornelius, Roermond

June 23rd – De Meister, Geleen (w/ Vortex Surfer)

September 29th – DVERS Festival 2018, TBA, Sittard

October 11th – Shamrock, Maastricht (w/ Vortex Surfer) -TO BE RESCHEDULED –

October 13th – De Kelder, Urmond (w/ Nighthawker)

December 1st – De Meister, Geleen (support for Diablo Blvd.)



January 21st – Volt, Sittard (supporting for Black Label’s EP-release)

May 25th – Urpop Festival, Urmond

August 26th – R2R Fest, Camping in den Hof, Heerlen

December 21st – Holy Moly! Festival, Heerlen (w/ Sugar Plum Fairy)



January 28th – Sencity @ Patronaat, Haarlem

January 30th – Oefenbunker, Landgraaf (w/ Bartosz, This One Is For Shé)

February 27th – Ernesto’s, Sittard (w/ Tsar Bompa + Seymour Sachs)

March 28th – Prilpop Festival, Sevenum

April 1st – Royal Irene, Blerick (w/ Sugar Plum Fairy)

April 1st – April Rock Festival, Echt

April 9th – Mosterdpop Festival, Elsloo – RESCHEDULED –

April 27th – Shamrock, Maastricht (w/ Charger)

May 13th – Tuchthuis, Eindhoven (w/ Uncle Harry)

May 14th – Rollende Keukens Festival, Westerpark, Amsterdam

May 15th – Pinksterrock, Royal Irene, Blerick (w/ Bloyatop)

May 19th – Landhuis, Landbouwbelang, Maastricht (/w Moosedriver)

June 3rd – De Kelder, Urmond (w/ Sugar Plum Fairy + Ginger & The Souls + Velosso)

June 4th – CRAZY TALES TOUR, Pitboel Theater, Sittard (w/ Tales That Are Not Supposed To Be Heard By People + Bombardier Muffy + Two and a Half Pennies)

June 17th – CRAZY TALES TOUR, Boothill Salon, Amersfoort (w/ Tales That Are Not Supposed To Be Heard By People)

June 18th – CRAZY TALES TOUR, Winston, Amsterdam (w/ Tales That Are Not Supposed To Be Heard By People)

June 24th – Woodstock aan de Waal, Tiel

June 26th – Sjilvend Rock(t) Festival, Schinveld

July 1st – Café ZigZag, Weert

July 23rd – Pulp Festival, Sittard (w/ Les Neufties) – CANCELLED –

September 10th – Bruin Café JaXx, Roosendaal – CANCELLED –

September 11th – Parcours Festival Maastricht, Landbouwbelang (Grote Zaal) CANCELLED

September 15th – Funkenstein, Popronde Nijmegen

September 17th – Jack’s Music Bar, Popronde Zwolle

September 18th – Den Heilige Cornelius, Popronde Roermond

October 1st – Mosterdpop Festival, Elsloo

October 1st – DVERS Festival, Ernesto’s, Sittard

October 7th – Café De Beugel, Popronde Arnhem

October 8th – The Jack, Eindhoven (w/ Sugar Plum Fairy + Milk Machine)

October 21st – Café Ut Vloot, Maastricht (w/ The Acid Affliction + Black Label)

October 21st – De Splinter, Popronde Venlo

October 29th – Lollipop, Popronde Oss

November 11th – Podium Stapper, Popronde Alkmaar

November 12th – De Dwaas, Popronde Sittard

November 18th – De Pimpelaar, Popronde Enschede

November 26st – Mustang Sally, Sittard (w/ Hard2Get)



September 16th – Muziekgieterij, Maastricht (w/ Beasts)

September 18th – A Genne Kom, Eygelshoven (w/ Bockryder)

September 25th – Café De Joie, Maastricht (w/ Exit 31 + The Last Baron)

October 23rd – Voorronde Nu of Nooit @ Muziekgieterij, Maastricht

October 29th – Poppodium Volt, Sittard (w/ The Last Baron)

November 7th – Rock Vibes Festival @ Club Vibes, Maastricht

November 13th – Café Bluff, Heerlen (w/Sugar Plum Fairy)

November 19th – Café ’t Paard, Den Haag (w/ Storksky)

Novembert 27th – Café Kroniek, Heerlen (w/ One Wonders & Hunting Robin)

December 8th – Durango Sessions, Radio Benelux

December 12th – FINALE NU OF NOOIT @ Parkstad Theater Limburg, Heerlen

December 18th – De Reünie, Geleen

December 19th – Roesjpop Festival, Einighausen

December 19th – HarRock @ Schepenbank, Oirsbeek

December 23rd – Café De Klinge, Heerlen (w/ One Wonders & Hunting Robin)